At CoutAllure, our mission is to empower everyone to dream, design & share their own fashion identity. Because the future of fashion is not just about the people who have the resources, its about the people who have a dream.


CoutAllure is about making fashion designing fun, intuitive & accessible.


By building a web app for you to design & share your own fashion.


Because thats what the future of fashion is. Its about you.


We had a lot of hard work to do & we finally are ready to share our amazingly unique app with you.

Our team

Salman Khan

A former Finance Analyst, Salman is the visionary behind CoutAllure. Having previously worked with some of UK's most iconic brands, Salman is mindlessly convinced, he can bring the concept and wisdom of branding to individual level.

Rehan Khalid
Prof. Rash Flash

They say babies start walking around the age of one. Legend has it that Rehan started running from the moment he arrived on the planet. He hasn't stopped running since then. Rehan is the opinionated web application developer at CoutAllure

Sarfraz Akhtar
Sir Fraz of Hazara

First thing you should know is that we are convinced Sarfraz has only two colours in his wadrobe & that includes the colour black for the socks. An entrepreneur, Sarfraz has two ventures keeping him busy in his spare time, one of them making education accessible to everyone in his native Hazara.

So let the world know what your style is all about!